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[ORAN] - Few issues gathered from my meeting with Henrik

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      After meeting Henrik today to debug a security issue, we came across 2 issues I would like to work on:


      - Reviewers in Gerrit - Unable to add myself (for example) or anyone in LF to the reviewers

      - Github not updating - These changes are not reflected on GitHub, pherhaps due to a replication issue

      https://github.com/o-ran-sc/<wbr>nonrtric-rapp-<wbr>ransliceassurance https://gerrit.o-ran-sc.org/r/<wbr>c/nonrtric/rapp/<wbr>ransliceassurance/+/10277

      https://github.com/o-ran-sc/<wbr>nonrtric-rapp-orufhrecovery https://gerrit.o-ran-sc.org/r/<wbr>c/nonrtric/rapp/orufhrecovery/<wbr>+/10276

      https://github.com/o-ran-sc/<wbr>portal-nonrtric-controlpanel https://gerrit.o-ran-sc.org/r/<wbr>c/portal/nonrtric-<wbr>controlpanel/+/10272

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